According to Leonardo da Vinci, STEAM also helps to develop a complete mind.

Leonardo da Vinci was a 16th century High Renaissance painter, scientist, and engineer; considered the grandfather of STEAM because of his application of the scientific method to every aspect of our lives, including art and music.

Oquirrly Mountain Fairies
Oquirrly Mountain Fairies

What A Teacher Pack Includes In The Box

Lesson Plan Summary for 2nd-4th Grade:
Core Standards Guidelines, Content Objectives, Set, Standards/Expectations, Lesson Type, Check for Understanding, Independent Practice, Closure, Resources, Tech Integration, Enrichment/What's Next.

Oquirrly Mountain Fairies

Science Lesson Plan, Part 1

Complete with information about Space, Earth, Calcite Mineral, Calcite Source, and Fun Facts
- 5 Image Resource Pages that correlate to the lesson plan
- Molecule Resource Page
- Worksheet (two-up, to cut in half, saving copy paper)
- Worksheet answers
- Citation Page
- Actual Calcite Sample
- Bag of toothpicks
- Bag of candy gumdrops

Oquirrly Mountain Fairies

Science Lesson, Part 2 - Literacy

- Oquirrh Mountain Fairies "Mineral Magic" Jr. Edition

Oquirrly Mountain Fairies

Science Lesson, Part 3 - Art

- Oquirrh Mountain Fairies "Mineral Magic" Full Edition
- Permission to copy both Full and Jr. book pages for students in your classroom to color

What A Digital Teacher Pack Includes

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a digital pack until your box arrives.
Digital files includes all images, a pdf of the printed lesson pack, and a fun interactive game using a QR code.

Teacher Pack | Oquirrly Mountain Fairies

Integrating STEM Curriculum? DON'T STRESS! Our STEAM Teacher Pack Is For You!

Oquirrly Mountain Fairies

Click on mineral to see corresponding book. More coming soon! Calcite Mineral is the only STEAM Pack available at this time. More Mineral STEAM Packs available soon!


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* when subscription is purchased one-time for $480, you get a bonus Calcite teacher pack sent out immediately (printed and digital). Then a different teacher pack arrives to your address every month after that. Featured minerals: Copper, Gold, Uranium, Silicates, Wavelite, Silver, Dioptase, Selenite, Diamond, Turquoise, Gypsum, Halloysite.