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A list of questions and answers relating to order, shipping and refund.

Oquirrly Mountain Fairies

This website is the official home of the Oquirrh Mountain Fairies. This is the only authorized merchant for our full line of books and other merchandise - all original, all printed by the author Kelly Parke. You can only get them here.

One exception is that there are a few books still on A m a z o n - where we first began 5 years ago. We continue to manage that page.

No matter which official site you purchase (here or A m a z o n), know that no other seller, anywhere in the world, can offer you real, authentic, Oquirrh Mountain Fairies printed books and merchandise. If they do, it is a scam. There are no other licensees for the Oquirrh Mountain Fairies brand.


Parke Creative, the author's flagship Oquirrh Mountain Fairies home; manages, prints, and distributes books only in the USA, using local printers.

Current inventory of books, from our first print run, are not wrapped for copyright and security, which is usually reserved for retail book stores.

Now that our books are available in a virtual book store (this website), wrapping the remainder of that first batch of books is not a function once binding is complete, and at this point it is cost prohibitive.

With our next batch of printed books, we will have the inside pages wrapped before the guts (black and white coloring pages) are bound. At that time we will offer refunds if the wrap is unbroken.

Oquirrh Mountain Fairy book illustrations and story are guaranteed made from the human mind.

  • Absolutely no AI was used to write stories.
  • Absolutely no AI was used to create hundreds of book illustrations

Author, Illustrator, and Designer, Kelly Parke has taken many years to acquire reference material, invent and create every illustration in every book by hand, from her own research, and ideas from her own head - plus develop all 14 characters in the series, based on photos of her daughter and scientific research on the minerals that fused to each character. At no time during this 10-year process has the author used AI in any way to create the Quirrh Mountain Fairies series of books.

The Oquirrh Mountain Fairies books, book covers, book illustrations on this website, and all published illustrations are protected under U.S. copyright law.

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Kelly Parke has a goal to provide fun, inspiring, relevant, and memorable STEAM learning experiences through creativity, for students, while empowering teachers and curriculum administrators with the tools to accomplish this goal.

Kelly Parke has five years of teaching experience, six years of college education, over 30 years working as a professional creative, and three years as an author and STEAM curriculum developer.

Highline Community College in Washington: AAS Design & Illustration
Judson University in Illinois: BA Program Managing Technology
Savanah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in Georgia: BA Digital Media & Interactive Web

Research Interests:
Geological & Space Sciences Topic - Mineral & Elemental focus
Interdisciplinary education & STEAM curriculum development
Innovative STEM teaching methods
Before my BA, as part of my ARL pursuit: PRAXIS Multimedia, Web Development, Computer Science, Graphics Printing, Technology, Educational Technology, Commercial Art, Visual Arts Elementary

Oquirrh Mountain Fairies STEAM-Infused Coloring & Storybook Series; "Mineral Magic", "Mineral Beauty", "Mineral Power", and soon... "Jeffy's Garden" in the summer, and a chapter book in the winter.

Professional Experience:
Corporate positions over 30 years and currently, spans Graphic Design for print and web plus Marketing Management; Technology instructor at our local TATC; Technology Specialist & STEAM Teacher at our local charter schools.

Honors & Recognition:
Recipient of Teaching Scholarship from SCAD
Recipient of Women In Tech Scholarship from SCAD
The Blox Entrepreneurial TV Show Invitee

Community Service & Leadership:
Tooele Gem & Mineral Club Secretary
Bonneville Fairy Club creator, developer, and facilitator
Ladies Community Club Brand Specialist & Web Dev
Marketing Panelist for the Tooele SBDC
Volunteer Developer & Organizer for community and Make A Difference Day

Workshops, Conferences, Talks:
Roundtable Presenter: HOW Design Conference ROI
Ambassador: HOW Design Conference