About the Author

Welcome to the charming world of Oquirrh Mountain Fairies, a children's series of Mineral Fairy Books created by accidental author Kelly Parke. This series follows the adventures of 14 mountain fairies as they discover secrets to The Fuse, Fairy Dust, and many more fantastic magical mysteries. And the best part? You can color along the way with hundreds of illustrations of these clumsy fairies as they stumble into crazy situations.

Kelly has over 30 years of experience as a professional graphic designer and continues working in corporate America. Her education combines Design, Illustration, Technology, Digital Media, Interactive Web, and Motion Graphics. As a former STEAM, Graphic Design, and Game Development teacher, she strives to help and inspire others.

A Utah resident, Mrs. Parke loves rockhounding in the mountains and hills. When she's not hanging around family, Kelly enjoys swimming, making stuff, traveling, and Halloween – that's her jam!

She likes to combine analog and digital technologies to create something unique. A fun example of that fusion is her fairy necklaces: made with illustrations from both books that print in 3D, then strung with tumbled minerals she hand-mined in the local foothills.

For more information about Mrs. Parke's credentials, please see her CV info on the FAQ page.

Kelly Parke | Oquirrh Mountain Fairies
Oquirrly Mountain Fairies
Kelly Parke | Oquirrly Mountain Fairies
Oquirrly Mountain Fairies