Imagine children engaged for hours - without a mobile device!

It's fun to read about fairy adventures - while coloring along the way!

For you creative types: images are made in a way that when you are done coloring - it looks like your own art. So go ahead, have fun coloring outside the lines!

Coloring with crayons, colored pencils, watercolor, and markers.*

It's a different way to experience fairies and minerals, with inspiration at every page.

Color, sketch, and read; it's a fun way to learn about minerals.

Enjoy hours of coloring!

*used in book #'s 1 & 4

Oquirrly Mountain Fairies


Parents - your creative child will immerse themselves in a unique story while they color along the way. They can use almost any media on books number 1 & 4, with thick pages so markers and watercolors won't show through.

Books 2 & 3 have traditional paper for use with colored pencils and crayons.

You don't have to be creative to enjoy Oquirrh Mountain Fairy books. Children with multiple interests benefit from the science-based story, some like how fairy magic and space are fused together, and others relate to the characters. There is something for everyone in Oquirrh Mountain Fairy books!

With the Oquirrh Mountain Fairy book series, all children learn about minerals and mineral properties in a fun way. There are also fun facts and background information about the 2nd largest copper mine in the world, local history, Oquirrh Mountain forest, outer space, and fairy magic!


According to Leonardo da Vinci, STEAM also helps to develop a complete mind.

Leonardo da Vinci was a 16th century High Renaissance painter, scientist, and engineer. Considered the grandfather of STEAM because of his application of the scientific method to every aspect of our lives (including art and music) - he is the perfect example of living the realization that everything connects in our brains.

Modern science confirms the concept in da Vinci's quote, with data that supports the generation of new neuro paths when we engage both sides of the brain. Plus, studies not only show an increase in test scores when art is included in curriculum, but the results also show a boost in compassion.

Bottom line, we like to think that kids get smarter by using the Oquirrh Mountain Fairies Coloring & Storybook Series, but they're having too much fun to notice!

Give your child a fun and meaningful activity: Oquirrh Mountain Fairies Coloring & Storybook Series!

Oquirrly Mountain Fairies
Oquirrly Mountain Fairies


Get a year of Coloring Boxes for $40 a month!* Your child, or a child you know will enjoy fun and unique coloring supplies, mineral samples, coloring tips, and a jr. version coloring book that focuses on different minerals. More fun than those elementary school reader order forms (and cheaper if you're like the author, who used to get boxes of stuff at a time for multiple kids).

* subscription is purchased one-time for $480. A different coloring pack arrives to your address every month with a Jr. book that features different minerals - one mineral or mineral group focus per Jr. edition (Copper, Gold, Uranium, Silicates, Wavelite, Silver, Dioptase, Selenite, Diamond, Turquoise, Gypsum, Halloysite). Most mineral samples are genuine, but when the actual mineral or rock is not available or too costly, an identical synthetic rock is substituted.